What is “Japaeng joy”

This is my first blog in my Website so I want to write about the meaning of “Japaeng joy
I made this word so it may difficult to read haha!
The first “Japa” comes from Japanese and the last part “eng” comes from English. “joy” means you know! All of my students want to talk to Japanese people in Japanese also I know many Japanese people want to speak English to people from abroad. So totally the meaning of this name is my wish that both Japanese people and the other people enjoy speaking English and Japanese. I tried to put these wishes in one word “Japaeng joy“.
I hope you like it and I will be very happy if you join in my world!!! Let’s enjoy talking with people out there!

こんにちは!私の最初の投稿は名前の由来について書きますね。「Japaeng joy」と書いてもあまり「ジャパイングジョイ」と読んでもらうことが出来なかったので、新しい名刺にはカタカナで「ジャパイングジョイ」と書き足した次第です(笑)。


私の生徒さんは日本人と日本語を話したい、沢山の日本人はチャンスがあれば英語を話したいでしょう?そんな思いをJapanese English Joyを縮めた形で言葉に込めました!

Japaeng joy これからどうぞよろしくお願いします Yay!!!