Apple Pie Club Meeting

Meet people and have fun chats in Japanese

Apple Pie Club meetings are held irregularly.
Depending on participation and commitments.

My Japanese as a Second Language Students living in Yokosuka area and Japanese Nationals get together to study and learn about culture. Through playing games in Japanese and English learning becomes fun. You will make local friends and have a tea time. (Paid)

By attending the 2 hour session you will be meeting your neighbors and turning them into friends. You will be learning Japanese and assisting in the learning of modern English without even knowing it!! By playing fun short games that are similar in both cultures both my Japanese speaking and English speaking students will be laughing and learning!

アップルパイクラブ オンラインミーティング

Apple Pie Club Online Meeting

Online Meet & Greet with Naomi

For my students who both live close by in Yokosuka or far away, let’s get together online and practice speaking Japanese with Japanese friends!

Don’t let distance or timing worry you!  There are online options for you! Gathering online to practice short simple conversations on fun topics are available to meet your needs.

Online meeting is limited seating. Only 5 people can attend. Please secure your seat prior to this months class.(Free)

Practice makes perfect!” Especially when learning a language! The more opportunities you take to speak to people the more fluid you become.
I offer opportunities in a safe and fun environment where learning and fun combine. Most lessons include just you and me, so I want you to have opportunities to talk with Japanese friends. I’m preparing for these fun events!

Feel free to apply for lessons or contact me.