Jennifer Thompson

Naomi san has helped me build my confidence in speaking Japanese. Her style of teaching and personality make the difficult challenges of learning a language easy. She is always prompt and ready to give you 110% every lesson. I like that the materials she uses are a reasonable price and help to enrich my understanding. Her lessons are challenging and enjoyable. I feel as if I’m talking to a good friend rather than a teacher. I highly recommend Naomi san to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.


Your talking way of Japanese is really cute. Every time I love to hear your Japanese sentences sound. I can see you are enjoying my lessons so I’m so glad. I know if you talk more with Japanese people in Japanese, they will be fan of you!



Naomi is patient and adjust her teaching style to fit your learning style. She is very encouraging and has a lot of experience teaching Japanese to English speakers. This is evident by the care she puts into each lesson. Lessons have a range of speaking, vocabulary, writing, and listening.


For me, you aren’t only student anymore. You are one of my best friend. Thank you for finding me as a Japanese teacher and I’m so lucky to have you as such a wonderful friend!!!


Jennifer Busby

Very friendly and encouraging. I’ve definitely pushed myself to try speaking more times because of your encouragement than if I was on my own


From my heart, I really enjoy seeing you greedily absorb Japanese culture. Now, you know Japanese culture much more than me and I’m glad to help your Japanese language part!



Naomi is so friendly and helpful. She explains the textbook content well and does her best to make sure you fully understand everything. She’s very willing to try different materials and content if you want!


I have very less stress when I talk with you in Japanese. You completed beginner’s grammar very quickly and try reading books with me. I see your very much kindness from your animal rescue stories. Please tell me more about pets in general. Now we talk about many different topics in Japanese, and trying to read stories together.


Marion Ronquillo

To enable more access to Japan
Extremely satisfied
Naomi-san has always provided great lessons and is extremely patient with me. Maybe a lesson plan towards student goal (progress report).


Now we get in to Minna no Nihongo lesson 6. At the beginning, you memorized Hiragana and Katakana very quickly and your particle choice are perfect so far. From now on you are going to use a lot of verbs that means we can talk about many more stories in Japanese. I’m so excited!!!

Emily Osgood

We live in the country, why not try and learn it. We want our son to possibly be bilingual too Extremely satisfied We love Naomi ! Rowan loves visiting her and sitting on her lap. We learn words that we haven’t learned before. My husband and I can’t always go together, but I try and teach him what Naomi taught me. I am so happy that she has helped us learn the language. We still have a far way to go, but hopefully before we leave Japan we can be somewhat bilingual. Naomi is so sweet, funny, and caring ! She has a wonderful personality that we love to see every lesson. I love that the lessons are one on one, I feel that I learn better that way, than online or a group setting.


I know it is very difficult to study while raising a little baby. But you are studying Japanese without giving up. I am happy to be able to support you as a positive, cheerful and hard worker. Rowan is super funny and bright little boy. I love him!!!

Laurie Fernandez

Learning Japanese with Naomi-sensei has been so wonderful. It is a relaxing environment, and her instruction is so clear. It has been very helpful in building my confidence in learning and using Japanese. I look forward to my lessons every week.


I feel like you teach me things much more than I teach you Japanese… I learn a lot from you about American culture, Philippines culture also stories of Japanese Anime haha. Your ability to understand Japanese is high so that you get it soon and use what I teach.


Paul Turner

I have been a student of Sensei Naomi for years. In that years, my ability to speak, read, and write Japanese has grown exponentially. Before her, I struggled with saying simple greetings in Japanese. Since she began teaching me, I can now write, read, and speak in complete Japanese sentences. Often, I communicate with Japanese people who speak very little English. This is because of Sensei Naomi. She has given me the confidence and ability to speak with native Japanese speakers. Sensei Naomi is very kind, intelligent, patient, understanding, flexible, and experienced Japanese and English teacher. I recommend her to any dedicated student.


I am deeply grateful to you. You helped me with the foundation of my current job. You were able to make many Japanese friends with that friendly personality. Let’s continue studying Japanese together and talk about a lot of things! Thanks for loving Japan so much.


Ben Krasney

I have tried learning Japanese on several occasions without making much progress. With Naomi’s teaching approach and patience, I have made tremendous progress. Naomi is an excellent Sensei and I would highly recommend for anyone seeking to learning Japanese.


Thank you for such nice comments for my lessons. I know at the beginning, you had to spend the time for learning very basic things but you already started studying how to read Hiragana and Katakana so I felt easy to make plan for your lessons also your listening skill has been good already. As your lesson progresses, we’ll be able to talk about things more. Please look forward to it!


Lived in Japan for a year ; really enjoy the language and Ms. Kinoshita makes of fun to learn Extremely satisfied レッスンはとてもたのしいです


Thank you for your lovely comment in Japanese!!! As your Japanese, you are such a charming woman. I enjoy talking with you in lessons also many texts as well. See you in person near future!!!

Brenda Loomis

I want to be able to communicate with people in Japan. Extremely satisfied Naomi is very kind and patient. I look forward to my lessons every week.


You spent time in Yokosuka when your school days so you know a lot of friendly words and sentences! I love to listen your memories of life in Japan.


Laurie Shaw

I want to be able to communicate with Japanese people while living here. I have also always wanted to learn the language. Extremely satisfied Naomi-sensei is such a great teacher and a wonderful person to spend time with. She is professional and yet also makes me feel so comfortable during our lessons together.


I’m so happy to hear that you and your family enjoy living in Japan. I enjoy listening how you care children’s education and at the same time, I’m glad to help growing your Japanese skill. Everything is wonderful!!!

Tamara Cocklin

She is an amazing, funny, and engaging instructor. I enjoy our lessons and I look forward to seeing how far I am going to go.


I can see you are a 100% busy woman with family and work. I’m always appreciated for spending time to learn Japanese and I’m fun to know Japanese words you learn from Japanese workers at work!!! I love to watch your beautiful nails in each lesson!!!


Naomi is a wonderful teacher. She has a such a warm disposition. You can feel assured that she wants to help you at your pace. She will help you learn hiragana, kanji, and more. So beginner to advanced she can help. She helped me pass the N4 exam! And I am now working on the N3!


I’m proud to be your teacher. I may have been able to show you motivation to study Japanese a little bit, but that’s it. You passed N4 because you were able to overcome all the difficulties.


Jennifer Beckley

Naomi-san is a wonderful teacher! She is patient and caring about how you learn. She takes the time to make sure you understand the language!
Just keep being yourself!


You are such a charming and thoughtful lady. I was happy because you found me when you were in the US. Since then, you keep studying Japanese with me. Now we meet every week in person for studying. Let’s go cafe or go shopping sometimes!!!

Feel free to apply for lessons or contact me.