Our lesson continues until we finish Chapter 25 of text book Minna no Nihongo beginners or text book Marugoto A2. But if there is a request from students, we will continue lessons.


Individual Lesson

This includes 1 lesson per week or 4 total lessons.

Group lesson

One group can hold 3 people maximum.

Conversation lesson

This lesson will help you speak about a certain topic in Japanese.

Your First or Trial Lesson 1000¥

A trial lesson can be scheduled. In this lesson I teach basic greetings, how to count money, how to write your name in Japanese. Also, how to say the days of the week and how to say the time. I will answer all of your questions in this meeting. I will ask you about your Japanese level and study background. I can check your current level, and ask about your study style and expectations.

体験レッスンを受けていただく方へは、まず基本的な挨拶とすぐに必要で使えるフレーズ等を中心にお伝えして、日本語での名前やリクエストされたことばの書き方も教えています。 日本の生活についての質問があればWelcomeです。 話しながら、日本語の勉強の経歴や現在のレベルを確認し、これからの勉強スタイルについてお話しします。

Individual Lesson

I will ask you for a rough idea of your intentions but basically all will learn the basics of Japanese according to the textbook. By playing games and talking about everyday things along the way, I devise plans for students to enjoy learning and become integrated in the language and culture that surrounds you.

Individual lesson fees

Monthly rate 16000¥
This includes 1 lesson per week or 4 total lessons.
One hour lesson is 4000¥.

We use a textbook for this class.

Minna no Nihongo (3A Network)
Those who want to learn reading and writing from grammar
Marugoto (Sanshusha)
Those who want to know and use conversation rather than letter writing
These Teaching materials I make for each individual student.

Group lesson

What you learn in group lessons is more about useful daily conversations and useful words than letters or grammar. If you are hesitant about learning Japanese for beginners, please join us here.

Group lesson fees

A Group lesson is 3000¥ per person and includes one hour lesson, and can be scheduled once a month. One group can hold 3 people maximum.

One mini session only per topic.

Each session will have different content based on the topic. I will alert you to the upcoming topic ahead of time so you can be prepared and bring your ideas.
Some examples of topics are:
“Simple responses “
“Supermarket signs “

I would like to recommend this group mini sessions to someone…

These are sessions for someone who wants to learn some Japanese words or phrases and say them properly without commitment to a series of classes.

If you take these type of Mini Sessions they will help you live more comfortably in Japan.

Conversation lesson

Conversational lessons are 30 minutes long.
They are scheduled once a month on Tuesday mornings.

Conditions for conversational lesson in a group setting:

Depending on participation I will create a class for those who wish to have a conversation lesson by choosing those that complete text book “Minna no Nihongo” Chapter16 or completing Text book “Marugoto Level A1”

Conversation lesson

Conversation lessons is 2000 ¥ per person and is 30 minutes long.
It can be scheduled once a month.

Feel free to apply for lessons or contact me.